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Cable structures

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Our Services

  • production, delivery and installation of cable structures
  • support in the detailed elaboration of cable structures
  • recommendation of corrosion-protection systems
  • cost estimates
  • realistic schedules
  • planning of all cable-construction relevant components according to static and architectural parameters


Together with planners and clients for whom buildings are being built, we are moving in new directions in the field of architecture. Our products allow designers to reach new horizons in covering large distances with almost invisible structures. The use of specially designed architectural standard components give designers the ability to concentrate on the general layout and appearance. This creates structures as individual as the designer but still being economical.

Successful teamwork from the very beginning

Our experienced sales team, our designers with specialist knowledge of construction and mechanical engineering, our qualified project management and the efficient assembly team support and look after the launching of a project from the early planning phase up to the safe and reliable assembly. Working out realistic schedules and budgets before the start of construction are just as much a part of our scope of services as the construction of detailed solutions relating to the project. Our specialized team of ropemakers are experts in all the techniques that are necessary for economically manufacturing ready-to-use ropes within the narrowest tolerances. The rope end fittings that we use for this are continually optimised according to architectural and technical requirements. We have successfully carried out cable engineering projects around the globe with qualified installation.

Experienced teams in our sales, construction, project management and installation departments supervise project implementation from the very beginning.

We give proof of our profound knowledge of the use of cables in construction projects and our many years of experience with every new project.

Experienced cable workers are responsible for tolerance-accurate connections of connectors to pre-tensioned, measured and cut-to-length cables.

Seaworthy packed, the fully-locked cables set out on their trip into the wide world.


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