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Attachment points for lift construction

Highly rated: versatile and safe PFEIFER products

PFEIFER lifting loops/load eyes are intended for the temporary suspension of loads, for example during the installation of lifts or maintenance. In accordance with EU Machinery Directive, they represent the same safety level as all the other lifting elements involved in the process.

Anchorage in concrete proven

They conform to the regulations of the EC machinery directive 2006/42/EC

CE conformity

Very simple installation and safe application

Made in Germany

Complete instructions for installation and use of every product



Before concreting!

PFEIFER LSF lifting loop for insertion in the formwork

PFEIFER LSF lifting loop

Without perforating the formwork!

PFEIFER LSV lifting loop for recessed installation

PFEIFER LSV lifting loop

PFEIFER load eye for top-sided installation in ceilings made of steel reinforced concrete

PFEIFER load eye

Approval PFEIFER load eye

Subsequent installation!

PFEIFER LSG lifting loop for through-hole fitting

PFEIFER LSG lifting loop

After concreting!

PFEIFER LSP lifting loop for plug fitting

PFEIFER LSP lifting loop

Highly rated: versatile and safe PFEIFER products

When constructing lifts the safety of the fitters is the top priority – and the quality of the attachment points is thus particularly important. PFEIFER products are manufactured using high-quality materials, manufactured and checked in Germany – and therefore particularly safe.


Trust the complete solution and be sure! PFEIFER products also guarantee safe anchorage in concrete!