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Locked coil rope cables (full locked cables)

According to DIN Standard 18 800 all cables are rated as high tensile tension members. Preferably the following constructions are used in construction:
  • spiral strands
  • locked coil rope cables (full locked cables)

    Applications of locked coil rope cables:
  • suspension cables – hanger cables for bridge construction
  • suspension cables – stabilizing cables in cables trusses
  • border cables for cable nets
  • stay cables for pylons, masts and transmitter masts
  • stabilizing cables for wooden trusses and steel trusses

    Main advantages of locked coil rope cables are:
  • high modulus of elasticity
  • high resistance against surface pressure
  • consistently closed surface therefore good cable core protection against corrosion
You will get further information about locked coil rope cables from PFEIFER under "Cable structures, cable and tension rod systems, engineering, full locked cables/locked coil rope cables".