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We also help you with the transport of extreme loads ...

Special spreader beam, 330 tons, for the transport of wind mill elements in offshore use

Adjustable spreader beam, 70 tons, for the transport of locomotives, with manually adjustable working length and transport system via fork lifter

Heavy-duty spreader beam, 230 tons, for the transport of water turbines with cardanic cross-beams for an equal load distribution, with angle indication and optical signals

Frame-shaped spreader beam for form removal of precast concrete elements, telescopic length

Cross spreader beam for circular loads with varying diameter, completed with lifting chains

Swivelling spreader beam, 18,5 tons, electromechanical drive via
slewing ring

Pipe spreader beam, 35 tons, with 39 metres length for the transport of rotor blades for offshore use

Spreader beam system, 70 tons, consisting of two longitudinal profiles and one cross profile with integrated load hook